Uncle Charlie's Salted Chicken (Whole leg) / 鸡的传人盐焗鸡 (全鸡腿)

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[Jimeat] Uncle Charlie Salted Chicken (Whole leg) / 鸡的传人盐焗鸡(全鸡腿)Chicken (Whole leg)

❤️100% fresh from farm
❤️PREMIUM grade meat
❤️Hygiene / no chemical / no preservative
❤️Vacuum packaging
❤️Compliance with food safety

❤️ FREE DELIVERY for orders above RM 129 in KL & Selangor area
❤️ RM 12 delivery charges for order below RM 129 (KL & Selangor only)
❤️ RM 20 deliver charges for all outstation orders.
❤️ Orders will be deliver within 48 hours after payment made
❤️ For outstation orders may enquiry with us to make sure your area is deliverable
❤️ Goods sold are not exchangeable

❤️100% 来自农场的新鲜货
❤️优质 & 有质量的肉
❤️卫生 / 无化学原来 / 无防腐剂

❤️ 雪隆地区消费满 RM 129或以上 一律免运
❤️ 雪隆地区消费低于 RM 129 需支付 RM 12 运费
❤️ 外坡订单邮费 RM 20
❤️ 下单付款后 48小时内发货
❤️ 欢迎咨询我们外坡覆盖的运输范围
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Description: Klang's most famous salted chicken which carry more than 30 years of good taste. Each chicken thigh is marinated with love, unctuous taste and juicy thighs!
Weight: 1 pkt
Products type: Ready to eat food
Serving: 1 pax
Best consumption: Stored up to 3 months in the freezer.
Cooking method: By Steaming:
1. Defrost for 30 minutes.
2. Open the outer package (do not open the inner package)
3. Bring the water to a boil first, then put the whole package of salted chicken down to steam
4. Steam for about 8 minutes to enjoy

By Frying:
1. Defrost for 30 minutes.
2. Open the whole packaging including inner packaging.
3. Heat the oil over medium heat until it reaches 350°. Carefully add into the oil, making sure not to overcrowd the pan. Cook, uncovered, for 7-8 minutes per side. Turn occasionally until the coating turns dark golden brown and the meat is no longer pink"

1. 先解冻至不硬的程度(大约30分钟)
2. 剪开外层包装即可(内包装千万不要打开)
3. 先把水煮滚后,才把盐焗鸡整包放下蒸煮

1. 解冻约30分钟
2. 打开全部包装,包过内层包装。
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